Discharge Procedure
Ward Secretary will inform you to proceed with the discharge at nurse station, the secretary will prepare billing notice and discharge form for you and you should turn over “Accompany Card” to the secretary if you have the card. Patient or patient’s representative should continue to Admission/Discharge center to complete the discharge procedure.

  • Please complete discharge procedure before noon (12:00), allowing waiting patients to check in as early as possible.
  • We accept cash card or cash for your payment.

Transfer Procedure
Due to limitation of the facility or expertise, when our hospital is unsure of the cause or we not provide proper treatment for the patient, we will issue patient’s medical record and propose to transfer the patient to another hospital. For patient in critical condition, our hospital will provide adquate first aid before transferring.

Self Initiated Discharge Procedure
As Per Medical Care Law article 52, patient has right for Self Initiated Discharge even Against Advise of Doctor (AAD). Patient or patient’s representative should sign the Self Initiated Discharge form then complete the discharge procedure.

Health Education after Discharge
Prior to discharge, nurse should inform patient the details of self care and medication after discharge and information of further clinic visit or transfer.