1. 本著『人本醫療、尊重生命』的宗旨,本院全院同仁均穿著制服、配戴識別證,以感恩及尊重的態度照顧每一位病人,不會因您的宗教信仰、種族、性別、年齡、社經地位等不同,而有不同之醫療服務,同時您的隱私權受到尊重與保護。
  • Following the belief in humane treatments and respect for every human life, all staff members of the hospital who wear uniforms and identification badges shall provide medical care to every patient with grateful and respectful manner, regardless of the patient’s religion, race, gender, age, wealth or social status. All patients’ privacy shall be respected and protected as well.
  1. 為落實『守護健康』的任務,本院醫師於診治時,會向您或您的陪病家屬解釋病情、主要檢驗、檢查相關資訊,以及治療方針及預後情形,您有權決定是否接受醫師的建議,無論接受或拒絕醫師建議,均請審慎明瞭其決定的結果,亦請對自己的決定負責。
  • Adopting the concept of Patient-Centered safe healthcare, all doctors should explain causes of illness, results of major examinations and related information on those tests, possible treatment plans and prognosis outcomes. Patients have rights to decide whether to accept doctors’ suggestions or not. However, patients should be aware of the results and be responsible for their own decision if they refuse to follow doctors’ suggested treatments.
  1. 『守護生命』是我們的任務,若您需要接受手術或侵入性治療行為,本院醫療從業同仁,會先說明手術的原因、手術成功率或可能發生之併發症及危險,經您或您的配偶、親屬或關係人瞭解,並簽具手術及麻醉同意書,才會為您手術及麻醉。但若情況緊急,為搶救病人性命,依醫療法規定,得先為病人進行手術或侵入性醫療處置。
  • If patients need to have operations or aggressive invasive medical treatments or procedures, the hospital is required to receive agreement of consent for the operations and anesthesia that is signed by the patient, spouse, family member or person of relation. Doctors should explain the reasons for operations, probability of success or risk and the complications before asking patients to sign the agreement. Doctors are not allowed to perform the operations without the agreement of consent, except in an extreme case of emergency when patients’ lives are in danger. In that case, doctors are allowed to perform emergent operations or aggressive invasive medical treatments or procedures according to the Laws of Medical.
  1. 本院於您就醫過程中所知悉之病情、健康等一切秘密,均依法善盡保密義務,不過,醫師會與其他參與治療的醫護人員討論您的病情,以協助治療您的疾病。
  • The hospital has the obligations not to reveal patients’ medical history, health information or any personal data to any third party, except to those medical staffs involved or participated who help provide medical assistance to the patients.
  1. 您有權知道處方藥物的名稱、劑量、服用方法、效用及可能產生的副作用,以及您有權決定是否參與醫學研究計劃,和有關醫療服務的費用資料。
  • Patients have rights to know details of medication such as prescribed drug names, dosage, administration, expected effects and possible side effects. Patients have rights to decide if they want to participate in a medical research program. Patients have rights to know detailed information of fees and expenses for the medical services provided.
  1. 經您同意,本院應您的親屬、陪同家屬之要求,得適時向其解說您的病情,若您不願特定家屬知悉您的病情,請事先以書面通知護理站、或您的主治醫師,以利本院處理。
  • Under your permission, the hospital shall reveal medical treatments to patients’ close family members. If patients prohibit such revelation to certain family members, patients should inform medical staff in nurse station or the primary care physician in writing for the hospital to take proper actions.
  1. 若您對本院醫事人員所提供之醫療服務有任何不清楚之處,本院非常歡迎您向診治之醫師或其他負責照護您之醫事人員詢問及要求說明。
  • If patients who do not fully understand medical treatments provided by the hospital should not hesitate to ask for doctors or other medical staffs for further explanations.
  1. 您若有需要各項檢查報告影本、診斷證明、病歷摘要等資料,請向櫃檯提出申請。
  • Patients have rights to request for copies of personal examination reports, certificates of diagnosis, or summary of medical records at the service counter.
  1. 本院醫療人員不得接受病人及家屬之金錢、禮券、有價證券之贈與。
  • Any medical staff of the hospital shall be prohibited from accepting any gifts in money, vouchers or any monetary certificates of securities from patients or family members.
  1. 為維護您的醫療自主權,本院對所有住院病人提供「預立安寧緩和醫療暨維生醫療抉擇意願書」、「不施行心肺復甦術同意書」、「不施行維生醫療同意書」、「醫療委任代理人委任書」及「撤回預立安寧緩和醫療暨維生醫療抉擇意願聲明書」,使醫師對不可治癒之末期病人,得在尊重其意願之情形下,不施予積極性之治療或急救,僅提供減輕或免除其痛苦之緩解性、支持性醫療照護措施。本院亦提供門診及住院之「預立醫療照護諮商」,病人及家屬可與醫療人員討論遇特定臨床條件時,是否接受維持生命治療及人工營養及流體餵養;諮商後病人可依法簽署「預立醫療決定書」。
  • In respect to the Patient Autonomy of Healthcare, our hospital provides all inpatients with “Advanced Hospice Palliative Care and Life Sustaining Care Consent Form”, “Do Not Implement Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Consent Form”, “Do Not Implement Life-Sustaining Treatment Consent Form”, “Health Care Agent Authorization Form” and “Withdraw of Do Not Resuscitation Consent Form”. To enable the doctor to treat incurable end-stage patients with respect to the patient’s wishes, not to provide aggressive treatment or CPR, but only to provide relief or supportive medical care to alleviate their pain and symptoms.
  • The hospital also provides “Advanced Care Planning Consultation” for outpatients and inpatients. Patients and their families can discuss with medical staff whether they receive life-sustaining treatment, artificial nutrition and hydration in specific clinical conditions; after consultation, patients can sign “Advanced Decision Form” according to the law.
  1. 為使有限的生命可化為無限的大愛,本院配合國家衛生政策,對所有住院病人提供「器官捐贈同意書」,作為決定器官捐贈之依循,並可讓家屬充分瞭解病人之意願。
  • In order to transform a limited life into infinite great love, our hospital cooperates with the national health policy to provides an “Organ Donation Consent Form” to all inpatients as a base for deciding organ donation and allows family members to fully appreciate the patient’s willingness.
  1. 本院為教學醫院,為促進醫學教育,培養優秀之醫療人員,懇請您惠予配合相關之教學活動。但您有權利拒絕任何與治療無關之檢驗、測試等相關活動。您的拒絕,並不會影響到本院醫事人員對您的服務態度及所提供之醫療品質。
  • This is a teaching hospital. In order to promote medical education and to train excellent medical personnel, we kindly request your cooperation with related teaching activities. However, you have the right to refuse any examination, test, and other related activities. Your refusal will not affect the medical staff’s attitude and quality of medical service provided to you.
  1. 您若對本院各單位有任何建議或意見,歡迎您填寫顧客意見單投入意見箱或撥打本院專線電話(02)66289779 轉 5520。
  • If any of those in-house patients who receive unfair treatment shall have rights to submit complaints to the hospital either by calling hotline (02) 66289779 with extension 5520 , or by filling out the Complaints or Suggestions forms provided by the hospital.


  1. 為確保您的權益,請不要借用他人身分或健保卡就醫,以免誤觸法律規定。
  • Patients are prohibited to use other person’s identiication (ID) or National Health Insurance (NHI) cards.
  1. 請您主動向醫護人員提供個人的健康狀況、旅遊史、職業史、接觸史、群聚史、疾病史(包括感染史)、過敏史及關於病情、療程上出現的任何變化,以供醫療照護評估。
  • Patients should reveal personal state of health, history of travel, occupation, contact, cluster, illness (and infection) and treatments, possible allergies, any other symptoms and changes in health conditions in order to assist medical staff to provide fair evaluations and proper treatments.
  1. 在醫療照護過程中,如您有任何疑問或不清楚的狀況,務必告知並要求說明,敬請您在決定前瞭解拒絕或接受治療後,可能構成對生命的危險或損害,並為自己的決定負責。
  • If patients are not clear about any treatment during the process of medical care, patients should request for further explanations until fully understand. Patients should take full responsibilities for the result when decide to follow or refuse medical treatments suggested by the hospital.
  1. 敬請您遵從醫師之建議及醫院的相關規定,進行已達成同意的治療程序及相關處置。
  • Patients are required to follow medical suggestions and regulations of the hospital when patients agree to accept medical treatments in this hospital.
  1. 敬請您尊重醫療專業,請勿要求醫護人員提供不實的資料或診斷證明。
  • Patients should not ask medical staff to provide fake medical reports or certificates.
  1. 敬請您依規定支付屬於自行負擔的醫療費用。
  • Patients are required to pay for those medical expenses which are not covered by healthcare insurance.
  1. 敬請您增進自身健康並珍惜醫療資源,經醫師評估後,醫師建議可辦理轉床、轉院或出院,應依醫囑辦理。
  • Patients should try best to improve their own health and not to waste medical resources. Patients should follow doctors suggestions for transfer of beds or hospitals and discharge.
  1. 敬請您遵守醫院所訂的規則,並尊重醫護人員及其他病人的權利。
  • Patients should follow rules and regulations of the hospital, and pay respect to medical staffs and other patients rights.
  1. 敬請您在住院或診療過程中,請您與您的同伴或訪客,顧及他人權益並避免擾人的行為,以協助醫院保護您與其他病人的隱私,並請您妥善保管個人財物。
  • Patients and their visitors should not disturb other patients during in –house care. Patients are responsible for safeguarding their own personal belongings.
  1. 敬請您未經醫師同意,不得於住院期間服用醫師處方以外之藥物。
  • Patients should not take any other medication without doctors prior consent during in-house care.
  1. 若您需暫時離開病房,請主動告知主要照護之護理人員並獲得允許。
  • Patients should notify medical staffs in case of temporarily leaving assigned ward room.
  1. 住院期間若需請假,請主動告知主要照護之護理人員,並獲得醫師允許以及遵守醫院請假規範等相關事宜,才能離開醫院。
  • Patients should inform medical staffs and obtain approval from the doctor if they need to take a leave from the hospital during the period of in-house care.
  1. 請勿於院內及鄰近區域吸菸,並請遵守相關消防規定。
  • Do not smoke in the hospital and nearby areas, and follow relevant fire regulations.