Self-paid Covid-19 Test

※ Make an appointment ONLY (Click here to make an appointment)

※Time: 8AM – 9 AM, Monday – Friday, Please report to the emergency room before 8:30 AM(No testing will be carry out after the outpatient clinics hours)

※Charges for covid-19 test with effect from 2021 Mar 17 are as follow:

Applicable to Cost Time of getting the test report
Holder of Taiwan Passport

–Rapid Covid-19 Nucleic acid amplification testing (Report out o the same day)

-Covid-19 Nucleic acid amplification testing (Report out on the next day)


NTD 7,000

NTD 5,800


After 6 pm on the day of test

After 8 am on the day of test

Holder of a foreign passport

-Covid-19 Test(International Medical)

NTD 7,560 After 6 pm on the day of test

※ Requirements for the test: Please have all the required documents below ready before taking the test.

※Where to get the test report: You can get the report at the counter on the first floor

※Please refer to the website of Taiwan Center for Disease Control for the available application information.

Who are available for the test? Required Documents
1.Those who are in self-quarantine must attend a funeral or pay a visit to their acquaintance necessarily   (1)(Application Forms);

(2)(Required documents for application )

Please submit your application to the local Health Department.

2.Those who must go abroad for visiting their family members or relatives suffering from serious accidents or serious illness (1)(Application Form)

(2)Documents such as e-ticket, e-ticket receipts, or booking records

3.Those who must work abroad (1)(Application Form);

(2)Documents such as staff certificate, work visa, work certificate, e-ticket, e-ticket receipt, or booking records.

4.Short-term business travelers entering Taiwan (1)(Application Form);

(2)Documents such as itinerary or the plan for epidemic prevention

5.Those who go overseas for studying (1)(Application Form);

(2)Documents such as student ID, student visa, admission letter, e-ticket, e-ticket receipt or booking records.

6.Those who are from China, Hong-Kong, Macao or other countries depart from Taiwan (1)(Application Form);

(2)Documents such as passport, permit for entering Taiwan, e-ticket, e-ticket receipt or booking records

7.The family members of those who are available for departing from Taiwan (1)(Application Form);

(2)The relationship proof documents such as Household Certificate, Household Registration Transcript, Work Certificate, Certificate of School Attendance

8.Those who have the Consent Letters from National Health Command Center


(1)(Application Form);

(2)the Consent Letter from National Health Command Center

9.Member of public who need to be test because of other reasons

  • For those not applicable for the above, but need to be tested paying for the expenses
  • For those under home quarantine/person performing the covid-19 testing, With family members who passed away or critically ill while overseas. Need to attend funeral or visit.
(1)(Application Form)