Public Awareness Notice

  1. To protect your health, this is a non-smoking hospital
  2. No pets allowed to enter this hospital to prevent infectious diseases and maintain peace & order inside the hospital.
  3. For medical treatment not covered by the Health Insurance Policy, medical staff will inform you prior to the treatment and have you sign a ” Consent of Self Expense” form
  4. For inpatient, the hospital will calculate your total expenses every Wednesday, if the total expenses exceeds NT$ 30,000.00, you will receive a billing notice. Please proceed to Admission/Discharge Center to clear your account or you may use Cash Card for your payment at ward.
  5. Inpatient under National Health Insurance Policy is prohibited to book outpatient clinic.
  6. Inpatients should not change designated beds among themselves.
  7. Should inpatient encounters financial difficulty you may request assistance from nurse station or Social Service Department (ext. 5501 – 5507)
  8. For the convenience of other patient waiting to be admitted, please complete your discharge procedure before noon time (12:00), thank you for your corporation.
  9. Aa per National Health Insurance Policy Article 13, inpatient is not allowed to leave the hospital without consent from the doctor. the medical record should log the reason and time of the leave prior to leaving hospital. Inpatient should not stay over night outsid the hospital, Leaving hospital without permission is regarded as Self Initiated Discharge.
  10. Document/Certificate required for Admission: Personal Identification, Health Insurance Card, Major Illness/injury Card (if related to the cause of this admission, partial expenses might be exempted), Admission Registration Card and other Medical Care preferential certificate.
  11. Please bring personal toiletry and clothes for change (The hospital does not provide blanket for the accompanying caregiver, You may rent one from medical supply store at B1 food court)